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PSI (Patient Specific Implant)


(Patient-Specific Implant)

People of all ages can face surgical problems that sometimes may require them to undergo osteotomies. The bone defects that remain after craniotomies create emotional, functional, physical and aesthetic disturbances that can change patients’ lives.The reconstruction of large/complex osseous defects still presents great challenges. And little is known on the best way to approach these challenges. The answer to this is custom-made Implants.
Custom-made Implants ensure better patient and surgeon satisfaction, in the reconstruction or augmentation of bone defects that no other treatment can foresee in.With the right expertise and technical know-how of our team at CTARS – together we create what you envision. You give us your input on implantation approach (shape, spacings, fixation, choice of material and more), and we will take care of the design and the appropriate production method to realize your custom implant.
Even today the Gold standard in biocompatible material is TITANIUM – the material of choice. But newer materials and newer researches are opening doors to different forms of materials and different combinations of metals that can be used inside the body. At CTARS, our customized implants are printed in Titanium* and PEEK**

* Printed locally.

** Printed internationally.