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Specialist in Cranio-Maxilofacial Surgery & Customized Implants

About us


CTARS(Center for Technology Assisted Reconstructive Surgey ) is an Exclusive healthcare 3D designing and Printing Company with the core focus on Cranio-Maxilofacial region .CTARS is the India’s first and only 3D design and print unit for VSP (Virtual surgical planning) and 3D Splint fabrication for Orthognathic Surgery (correction of the jaws).CTARS is one of the very few Indian Companies to develop, design and print on Titanium based Patient Specific Implants ( Customized implant) .

What  we  Stands  For

Our Values


To create awareness among medical professionals and health care aspirants about technological intervention for a better and prospective health care.


To amalgamate modern technology and healthcare for a complete therapeutic solution through surgical implants engineered to perfection and bringing a facelift coupled with healthier smile and confidence to patients.


CTARS is “For Surgeons – By Surgeons”. We are a group of Maxillofacial surgeons, plastic surgeons, oncologic surgeons, orthopedic and neurosurgeons, and finally dental surgeons.

Meet Our Experienced Professional

Team Members

Dr. John Nesan

Managing Director

Dr.John Nesan  is a maxillofacial surgeon by profession. He has over 14  years of experience in working with Rapid prototyping and stereolithographic models. He is  well connected with a wide network of Multi Speciality surgeons across India.

Dr. Hannah Rosaline


Dr. Hannah Rosaline is an Endodontist/Professor in Dept of conervative dentistry at Sri Ramachandra university and she is the  pillar of support and is the brain behind development of CTARS.

Mr. JayaPrakash

Senior Technical Director

Dr. Arjun

Virtual Software App Specialist

Ms. Joan Meeriam

Lead Application Engineer